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Mystery Friend, 1909

Here’s where a little German language skill would come in handy. This photo card from a friend to Leo is actually quite well-annotated on the back; I could probably make an educated guess at interpreting the handwriting in English, but in German, I’m hopeless. At least the date is clear.

LeoPostcard 1

LeoPostcard 2

I’m going with “Max Lehde” as the name of the snappily-dressed young man pictured, but I could have that very wrong. If any German speakers out there care to take a whirl at the inscription, I’d be so grateful.

Happy Monday, People.

4 comments on “Mystery Friend, 1909

  1. Amy
    January 19, 2015

    I forget whether or not you are on Facebook. If so, there is a group there just for German genealogy transcriptions. If you’re not on Facebook, and no one here can help (I can’t!), I can download it and post to Facebook for you. Just let me know.


    • Pancho
      January 20, 2015

      Thank you, Amy. Karen very kindly provided a translation, but I’ll keep the FB group in mind for next time.

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  2. Karen
    January 20, 2015

    The text is:

    Zur freundlichen Erinnerung

    Weinachten 1909

    Max Lehde

    In kind memory, Christmas 1909

    Correct spelling would be: Weihnachten

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    • Pancho
      January 20, 2015

      Karen, thank you so much! I really appreciate your help. Max looks fairly young to me, so maybe he hadn’t mastered his spelling yet.


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