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Fröhliche Weihnachten to the Lessiacks, and to You

It’s been wonderful spending 2014 with you, my blogging People. I look forward to more adventures in the archives in 2015, but until then I’m going to take a break to relax and spend focused time with my nearest and dearest. Sometimes we need to add our own memories to the archives, no?

I leave you with a Christmas postcard that was sent in 1908 from the Kellerborn family to the A. Lessiack Family (the “A.” is no doubt my great-great grandfather, Anton Ludwig Lessiack). I notice that the sender’s name is spelled differently on the shop door (Kellerborn) than it is on the postcard (Kehlerborn), but the handwriting is so similar that I think it must be the same folks.

Is this not the scariest Kris Kringle you’ve ever seen? He is guaranteed to make young children vow to be not just good, but perfect. Holy childhood trauma, Batman!

Christmas 1 Christmas 2

I wish you the merriest of merries, surrounded by all the ones you love, with no scowling Santas in sight. See you in 2015, People!

9 comments on “Fröhliche Weihnachten to the Lessiacks, and to You

    • Pancho
      December 23, 2014

      Well, he definitely looks like the type of guy who would hang out with Krampus.


  1. Donna Catterick
    December 23, 2014

    Have a wonderful holiday season. I enjoy your blog so much and look forward to the new year reading it!


    • Pancho
      December 23, 2014

      Thank you so much, Donna. I feel the same way about yours. Happy holidays!


  2. thegenealogygirl
    January 7, 2015

    Wow. Scary Santa is right! I hope your holidays were lovely.


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  4. Werner-EINBECK
    May 9, 2021

    The postcard is signed by “F[ranz]. Kelterborn” KELTERBORN (shop window)!
    Franz is the navy man, who served onboard a torpedo boat from 1910 to 1913 and
    wrote from Wilhelmshaven and Amsterdam.


    • Pancho
      May 9, 2021

      Thank you! That is so helpful. I wish my German was better.


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