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Hello, People.

I’ve been on a brief hiatus due to end-of-summer madness, a busy time at work, the start of school, the search for a new vehicle, and a whole bunch of other distractions. (No, I did not overdo it celebrating the Centennial of the Panama Canal, though I did buy a round for my colleagues that day. Silicon Valley folks will celebrate anything if you provide free beer).

Happy Centennial, Panama Canal!

Happy Centennial, Panama Canal!

I’ve also been helping my friend Pauline Picchi launch her blog, which will cover the most amazing array of her Sicilian family recipes. Watch this space for more information about that project in the coming days. It will be genealogy at its most delicious (and, I think I might need new pants).

In other news, my daughter returned from Panama hand-carrying a few more treasures for the archive. The one I am most excited about is this very long, handwritten genealogy scroll prepared by my great-grandmother, Helen Hudelson Adams Yoder, who was a lifelong genealogy addict and a member of the DAR for more than 70 years.

photo (2)

I can’t wait to dig into the secrets this scroll holds. I’m standing on the shoulders of giants, People.

4 comments on “Easing Back In

  1. Jana Last
    September 3, 2014

    Welcome back!

    I totally understand end-of-summer madness. My August has been so filled with activities as well with the wedding of our son, a wedding open house, trips, etc.

    Oh wow! That genealogy scroll! What a wonderful treasure!


    • Pancho
      September 3, 2014

      Hope all went well with the wedding, Jana. That’s big! Thanks so much for stopping by.


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