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1921 Was A Good Year for Babies

In my Sisyphean effort to sort, scan, and identify the hundreds and hundreds of pictures I dragged home from my grandmother’s house, I came across another image of my great-grand-aunt Hilda Spielmann/Spellman Morgan, this one with a brand new baby.


Photograph by The Rembrandt Studio in Jersey City, NJ

I think the baby might be her son, Walter Morgan, who was born in 1921. If I am correct, then this means that Hilda and her sister Margaret (my great grandmother) both gave birth to sons in the same year — Margaret’s son was my grandfather, Robert Lessiack.

Here is a picture of my great-great-grandmother Fanny Spielmann, holding one of those babies (I assume it’s my grandfather, but I suppose it could also be Walter) in July of 1921. Either way, Fanny looks like one happy grandmother.


My great-great-grandmother Fanny holding her grandbaby – either  my grandfather, Robert Lessiack, or  Hilda’s son, Walter Morgan

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