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More Mystery Wife Clues

Happy Monday, People.

Those of you who have been following for a while might remember my very first post on this blog, the one having to do with my grandfather’s mystery wife, the lovely and mysterious WWII navy nurse, Dorrie. Though I haven’t written about her in a while, my folks and I are still trying to solve the puzzle of her identity. I’ve been in touch with the Navy Nurse Corps Association, and a kind person there suggested that Dorrie might have been trained at the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, VA, since my grandfather is known to have trained at Quantico, VA. I’m hoping that the NNCA Historian might be able to shed further light.

In the meantime, we discovered an interesting coinkydink. Remember this photo from the Starlight Room?


Three mystery people with my Grandfather, Robert Lessiack (on the right). Date and photographer unknown.

Two mystery people with Dorrie (also a mystery) and my Grandfather Robert Lessiack (on the right). Date and photographer unknown.

In sorting through some old wedding photographs, my mom discovered that the guy on the left was actually a groomsman in my grandfather’s wedding to my grandmother, Katherine Adams Lessiack!

Here are my grandparents at the Balboa Union Church in the Panama Canal Zone on November 29, 1945. The Starlight Room man is second from the right.


So, this guy had to have known both Dorrie and my grandmother. Could he have been at both weddings? Were there even two weddings?

And, which groomsman was he? Here are my grandmother’s meticulous notes. We knew he wasn’t Robert C. Asmussen, because that friend appears in several other photographs that are actually labeled. So, our man had to be either Arthur A. Lombardo or Willie C. Haynes.

Wedding 3

Well, yesterday I solved that mystery.

I came across this photo of the same guy — skinnier and younger looking, but definitely the same guy.


And, lo and behold, the photo was labeled. Miracles do happen, People.

DorrieMysteryClues 2

The mystery Starlight-Room-possible-double-groomsman is Willie C. Haynes. How I would love to find this guy and pick his brain about the mysterious Dorrie and her relationship to my grandfather. It’s another avenue to explore. Willie, if you’re out there, please email me!

I’m still working on researching my Great-Grandfather, the world-traveling Franz Georg Leopold Lessiack, and will have much to share about him very soon. Stay tuned.

6 comments on “More Mystery Wife Clues

  1. rar12
    July 21, 2014

    I was betting that he was a ‘Lombardo’.


    • Pancho
      July 21, 2014

      You and Lew both. But nope, he’s a Haynes.


  2. Fran Meyer
    July 23, 2014

    Panch, this is totally amazing! Just love what you are doing and love your writing style. I will be checking back often. So very cool! The family is blessed with this wonderful site.
    Aunt Fran Stabler Meyer 🙂


    • Pancho
      July 23, 2014

      Thanks, Fran! So happy to see you are following. Welcome!


  3. ancestral archaeologist
    July 23, 2015

    I just discovered these posts and I’m riveted!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pancho
      July 23, 2015

      Thank you. Any suggestions? I’m all ears.


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