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Happy 100th Birthday, Panama Canal Administration Building

Today my Mom and Dad sent me this picture of the amazing cake made to celebrate the 100th year of operation of the Panama Canal Administration Building.


Photo credit: Panama Canal Authority (ACP), 2014

According to the press release from the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), the cake weighed 300 pounds and was created by Momi bakers and decorators (Momi is a well-known Panamanian bakery company) with the help of Canal architects and graphic designers. Totally amazing, no?

The “Admin Building”, as it was called when I was growing up, holds a special place in my family’s history because at least three generations of family members worked within its beautiful polished halls. I remember visiting my Grandfather, Robert Lessiack, at work there when I was a very little kid — eating lunch in the cafeteria with him was a huge treat — and later, as a teen, I would visit my mother when she worked there. The central rotunda has acoustics unlike any other, and the murals surrounding its perimeter that depict the epic construction of the Panama Canal are beyond compare. You can read all about the Admin Building here:, as well as view a slideshow.

It made me so happy to see the centennial of the grand old place so beautifully and deliciously celebrated.

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