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I don’t know exactly when these photos were taken, but I’m willing to make a guess. The smallest boy in the first photograph is my grandfather, Robert Lessiack, and he looks to be about five or six years old. He was born in 1921, so that would place these picnics in the mid- to late-1920’s. They are not all pictures of the same event, though, because the clothes and haircuts shift around a bit. I think the first three are from one occasion, and the next two are from a different occasion. Once again, I’m a bit flummoxed as to whether I’m looking at Walter or Gilbert Spielmann/Spellman. And, is the chap wearing the long tie the same fellow that is wearing the bow tie?


Gilbert or Walter is on the far left, my great-grandmother Margaret Spielmann Lessiack  is fifth from the left, my grandfather Robert Lessiack is in the front, and my great-great-grandmother Fanny Spielmann is second from the right. Date and photographer unknown.

Great-grandmother Margaret is third from the left, and great-great-grandmother Fanny is second from the right. Date and photographer unknown. The little girl with Fanny looks like she’s tired of having her picture taken.


Walter or Gilbert Spielmann? Date and photographer unknown.


From right to left: Fanny Spielmann, Robert Lessiack, Gilbert or Walter, and great-grandmother Margaret Spielmann Lessiack. Does anyone recognize the man on the far left? Could it be Erwin Spielmann? Date and photographer unknown.


I’ve published this one before, but it goes with this series so I’m posting it again. Based on the familiar way the man on the left is grabbing Fanny’s arm, I’m guessing that he might be Erwin. Date and photographer unknown.


2 comments on “Family Picnics

  1. jaggh53163
    July 14, 2014

    I’m just beginning to explore your blog. I think I’m going to enjoy it. Great pictures. It is so hard to identify people from 100 years ago ! I mean, who knew what friends or neighbors might be in a family picture? You’re trying to assign a name that you have to a face, and they might not have been there that day !!It is a challenge but a fascinating one. I’m guessing you have quite a few more pictures… what a blessing they are and how fortunate you are to have them.


    • Pancho
      July 14, 2014

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I am lucky to have inherited so many pictures, jumbled and unlabeled though they were. Sorting them, identifying the people in them, and researching the stories behind them has completely captured my imagination. I’m greatly enjoying your Special Pictures series, and I hope that your recovery from surgery is going well!


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