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July 4th Goodness

Happy Independence Day, People!

This post isn’t related to family history, but it is a slice of life in my little town that I just love. While there are plenty of things to kvetch about around here — traffic and fog come to mind — we excel at celebrating the 4th of July. Grace and I headed down to Main Street to revel in the small town fun of our annual parade. I won’t bore you with every presentation that marched by, but I will say that we have the best band:

July4 1

an extremely cool Grand Marshal:

July4 2

and the best librarians in America. Seriously. Watch this precision team in action.

The mariachi bands, dancing horses, and fire trucks were all fun too, but nothing beats our Half Moon Bay librarians.

I’ll be back soon with more on the adventures of Margaret, Leo, and the rest of my People. In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying the holiday, and also taking time to appreciate the finer things in your hometown.

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