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Coney Island Idyll

Happy Monday.

Here’s a picture of Hilda, Leonor, and Margaret at Coney Island in 1917. The little girl in the front is, I think, Wally Keil, the daughter of my great-grandfather Leo Lessiack’s sister, Emmi Lessiack Keil.  I’ll write some more about that family in a future post; it’s a sad tale to tell.

This photo was taken about two years before Margaret and Leo married, but if they were taking Wally out for a fun day at Coney Island, they were probably already courting. I haven’t yet sorted out how they met, but I’m working on it.

From left to right: Hilda Spielmann, Leonor Spielmann, Wally Keil, and Margaret Speilmann. The back of photo says “Coney Island, July 9, 1917.” Photographer unknown.

2 comments on “Coney Island Idyll

  1. Howard L
    September 30, 2021

    Loved reaading this thanks


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